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Zoom Z Craw Worm

Providing exactly the right combination of bulk and finesse, the Zoom Z Craw Worm delivers a profile that will lure fish under any condition. Developed with key input from FLW Tour pro, Dan Morehead, who was cutting up different Zoom soft plastics and melting them together with a lighter to create the very first prototypes. Built with the body of Zoom’s Mag Finesse Worm and the tails of the Z Craw, the Zoom Z Craw Worm will produce a subtle waving action when worked slow and will also generate an enticing swimming action when using a steady retrieve, giving anglers the effectiveness of multiple baits in one. This combination allows anglers to fish the Zoom Z Craw Worm on any rig that you would traditionally fish with a worm or a craw and at any speed. Available in Zoom’s most popular and proven colors, the Zoom Z Craw Worm will show the fish something different and take the place of several other soft plastics in your tackle box. 

  • 7"
  • 10 Pk