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Zoom Uni-Toad 4" 5pk

Building upon the success of the widley popular Zoom Horny Toad and designed by Zoom’s touring pro-staff, the Zoom Uni-Toad Swimbait is a versatile as it is deadly. Molded with the same body as the original Horny Toad but with a single paddle tail instead of two Ultra-Vibe legs, the Zoom Uni-Toad Swimbait produces a dazzling action and strong kicking motion that bass crush on the surface.

On the bottom it features a belly slit to increase hook penetration and make it easy to rig weedless on EWG or screw-lock style hooks for fishing over grass and pads. It can also be fished as a trailer on the back of your favorite buzzbait to create better casting performance and a bigger target than a silicone skirt for hungry bass. Offered in Zoom’s best-selling colors, the Zoom Uni-Toad Swimbait is sure to become a staple in every boat across the country.