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Zoom Speed Worm

These are the ORIGINAL Zoom Speed Worms with the thick paddle tail. The Zoom Speed Worm combines soft, durable plastic and bright, clear colors to create a big, thick, paddle tail worm that has several applications. We like Texas-rigging the Original Speed Worms and flipping and pitching them into thick cover because the design allows them to slip through even small openings in a thick mat or brush-pile. As the Speed Worm falls the thick paddle tail waves enticingly so it is often taken on the fall. When the bait reaches the bottom a little shaking is enough to send ripples through the entire bait and really flip the thick tail around. Try the Zoom Speed Worm with a Senko-like presentation or on a Carolina-rig. Rig the Original Speed Worm with a heavier bullet weight and try swimming it in areas where you would try a spinnerbait. The Texas Rigged Speed Worm will come through brush even better that your blade. However you choose to fish the Speed Worm you will find it effective.

  • 5.5"
  • 15 ct.