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Z-Man SMH Worm 6.5"

Flawless when paired with your favorite shakey head, the Z-Man SMH Shaking My Head Wormz are phenomenally effective finesse worms that demand attention from bass of every size. They start with a nose that is designed to seamlessly match with the SMH Jigheadz and transition into a body with the ideal thickness for easy hooksets and powerful durability. From there, the worm tapers down to a slim section before closing with a bulbous tail that produces lively action with every twitch of your rod tip.

To maximize anglers’ bang for their buck, the Z-Man SMH Shaking My Head Wormz are composed of Z-Man’s proven Elaztech material that can stand up to heavy abuse from countless bass without the need for constant rerigging. In addition to its durability, Elaztech is also incredibly buoyant to keep your worms in the upright, foraging posture that bass simply can’t resist. Salt impregnated for added casting weight, taste, and texture, the Z-Man SMH Shaking My Head Wormz are a dynamite addition to any finesse arsenal.

Green Pumpkin
Watermelon Red
Mood Ring
Green Pumpkin Goby