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Z-Man Leap Frogz Popping Frog

The Z-Man Leap Frogz Hollow Body Popping Frog delivers intense popping, spitting, gurgling and chugging action with its aggressive cupped face design. With a pronounced and well defined deep-vee body design the Leap Frogz Hollow Body Popping Frog offers a brilliant walk-the-dog action. backed with a super-sharp double frog hook, the Leap Frogz Hollow Body Walking Frog easily collapses to make the most out of every bite. Equipped with 3D eyes and a silicone skirt legs for maximum attraction. Additionally, the Leap Frogz Hollow Popping Frog features a drain hole in it's posterior, allowing water to easily be expunged from the body cavity. Available in a variety of high end finishes, the Z-Man Leap Frogz Hollow Body Popping Frog puts itself in immediate danger every time it slaps the water's surface.