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Z-Man Kicker Crabz 3.5"

Created to accurately imitate a sideways swimming crustacean, the Z-Man Kicker Crabz is a first-of-its-kind crab imitation with lifelike body details including segmented legs, claws, eyes, and antennae. Poured from 10X Tough Elaztech for extreme durability, the unique kicker claw produces enticing movement on the fall and during the retrieve, and the highly buoyant material floats the crab into a naturally defensive posture when at rest.

Featuring a realistic crustacean profile, this angler-friendly design allows for easy weedless rigging with a dorsal hook pocket, and its streamlined shape enhances casting distance and accuracy. Designed to pair with the Z-Man Pro Bulletz Snakelockz, and Chinlockz jigs, the Z-Man Kicker Crabz has a keeled belly for increased stability and can be rigged to suit a variety of applications from swimming on the surface to dragging along the bottom.

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