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Z-Man Herculez Swimbait

Ideal for big fish applications in both fresh and salt water, the Z-Man Herculez Swimbait features a natural and lifelike swimming action with an exclusive curved paddle tail design. Molded around a 3/8oz weight for improved castability, the Herculez swimbait has the perfect sink rate for fishing a wide range of depths in the water column. Poured with Z-man proprietary 10X tough ElaZtech plastic for extreme durability and longevity, the Herculez resists nicks, cuts, and tears so it will hold up to numerous fish catches.

Equipped with heavy-duty 5/0 and 7/0 Mustad Ultra Point hooks, this top hook swimbait offers deep hook penetration and plenty of power to grind fish back to the boat. A hook hangar is also incorporated at the belly so anglers can choose to add a split ring and treble hook when fishing open water. A highly detailed swimbait furnished with 3D eyes and hand-painted color schemes, the Z-Man Herculez Swimbait offers big bass attraction in both popular and tournament-proven Z-Man patterns.

Bad Shad