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Z-Man Chatterbait Willowvibe

Designed by ChatterBait originators Ronnie and Ron Davis, the Z-Man ChatterBait WillowVibe links a hardened, stainless steel willow leaf shaped blade with an aspirin-shaped jighead, for an intense, rapid-fire vibration that is ideal for targeting schooling fish. Its jighead sports lifelike 3D eyes to give bass a clear strike-point, while a super-sharp 2/0 black nickel hook provides smooth hook setting performance, and a wire keeper pins soft plastic trailers tightly in place.

The Z-Man ChatterBait WillowVibe produces a tighter action and higher frequency vibration and can be fished throughout the water column, from counting down to depth for slow, deep retrieves to waking just below the surface. Ideal for finesse applications typically calling for scrounger-style heads, small swimbaits, and underspins, the WillowVibe provides a deadly alternative that bass and other predatory fish have not seen before. Ideal to pair with your favorite finesse straight-tail or swimbait trailer, the Z-Man ChatterBait WillowVibe is designed to help you locate a limit in a hurry.