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Yum Scottsboro Swimbaits

Until the day ever comes when bass quit eating shad, the Yum Scottsboro Swimbaits is going to continue to put fish in the boat. The master swimbait creators at Scottsboro have come together with the team at Yum Bait Company to deliver an injection-molded swimbait that exudes the action and craftsmanship generally reserved for specialty hand-poured baits. Designed to dominate the bass in your local fisheries, the Yum Scottsboro Swimbaits rely on an irresistible profile that works in tandem with their subtle tail kick and side-to-side roll for an unbeatably realistic presentation. They feature an anatomically lifelike body with meticulously crafted colorways that are ideal for clearwater fisheries and high-pressured water alike. Whether you thread them on a jig head, a spinnerbait, or integrate them into your favorite umbrella rig, the Yum Scottsboro Swimbaits are sure to tempt bass into taking a ride over your boat’s rails.

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