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Yamamoto Yamatanuki

Poured using Yamamoto’s custom heavily weighted soft plastic formula, the Yamamoto Yamatanuki Stick Bait is super dense which allows it to be fished weightless with great castability and a fast horizontal rate of fall. Ideal for pairing with an extra wide gap hook, the Yamatanuki is an incredible power finesse option for flipping into cover or dragging open water, as well as casting to fish on forward-facing sonar. While this is the first time the Yamatanuki has been made available in the US, it has been a very popular soft bait in the Japanese Yamamoto lineup for years and is credited as the bait that started the genre of ‘heavy’ weighted soft plastic lures state-side.

Available in hand-picked colors from Yamamoto’s pro-staff to provide a wide array of fish-catching options no matter what the conditions, each bait is molded with a hook pocket to provide easy rigging and greatly improve your hook-up ratios. Staying true to their roots of creating innovative baits that absolutely catch fish, the Yamamoto Yamatanuki Stick Bait is another incredible tool to add to your fish-catching arsenal from the world’s premier soft plastic brand.  

Blk/Blue Flake
Green Pumpkin BLK Flake
Brown Purple Lam
3.5" DK Green Pumpkin/ Amber Lam 926
2.5" Heavy Blue Craw 700
3.5" Heavy Watermelon/Blk and Red
2.5" Heavy #297 NF/LG Green & Purple 301
3.5" Heavy Green Pumpkin/BLK Flk 297
2.5"" Heavy Dark Grn Pumpkin/Amber 926
2.5" Heavy Sight Flash 993
3.5" Heavy BLK w/Lg Blue Flk 021
2.5" Heavy Green Pumpkin/Blk Flk 297
2.5" Heavy Watermelon/ Blk&Red