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Yamamoto Slinko- 5.5"

The all-new 5.5” Yamamoto Slinko is unlike anything in our product line. First, the ribbed shape body allows for bulk while maintaining the classic Senko profile. The ribs not only make for great hooksets, but they also put off bubbles to give a more lifelike presentation. The most important aspect of the Slinko is its construction from our new Mega Floater Formula. It stands up on a jighead, dances vertically on a Neko rig, and floats on a Carolina Rig. Although new, it has the unmatched action that you would expect to get only from Yamamoto Baits!
Black w/Lg Blue Flk (021)
Green Pumpkin Magic (355)
Green Pumpkin/ Black Flk (297)
Okeechobee Craw (962)
Plum Apple (356)