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War Eagle WE38BT204 3/8 Buzztoad - Grey Ghost

Combining the turbulent attributes of a buzzbait with the hard-kicking action of a toad, the War Eagle Buzz Toad delivers an overwhelming surface disruption that draws big strikes. Pre-rigged with a 4” Zum Tip Toad, the War Eagle Buzz Toad features a keeled head shaped and a large buzz blade, which provide increased lift and help it get up, and on-plane quickly.

Fitted with a patent-pending TLAP Bait Gripper, the War Eagle Buzz Toad holds tight to soft plastics, eliminating the need for constant re-adjustment and messy adhesives. Available in a range of proven colors, the War Eagle Buzz Toad provides a boisterous topwater presentation that is sure to produce big, adrenaline-pumping blow-ups.