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VMC Redline Series Hybrid Worm Hooks

Great for fishing your favorite worm baits and other soft baits, the VMC® RedLine Series Hybrid Worm Hook delivers the advanced performance it takes to pierce lips and land big fish. Engineered for elite anglers everywhere, the VMC Redline Series fishing hooks are made with extra-light VMC Vanadium® steel, which is 25% stronger and is the same material used to make Formula One race cars. This elite hook is then given VMC's advanced compress needle point, a shape that's incredibly hard for fish to shake off. It is then covered with a silky-smooth P.T.F.E. coating for 50% faster hook penetration. Packaged with the Hook-Lok accessory, which makes it easy to keep your hooks organized and ready to use.

  • Great for fishing worm baits and other soft baits
  • Ultra-engineered hooks for elite anglers
  • Extra-light VMC Vanadium steel – 25% stronger
  • P.T.F.E. coating – 50% faster penetration
  • Compress needle point is hard to shake
  • Includes Hook-Lok accessory