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VMC RedLine Series Hybrid Wide Gap Hooks

For rigging soft plastic jerkbaits, flukes, creature baits and more, the VMC RedLine Series Hybrid Worm Hooks are designed for elite bass anglers, delivering on superior performance with their extra-light, extra strength Vanadium Steel. VMC's compressed, Needle Point design along with their P.T.F.E. finish on this hook helps it to glide smoothly for fast penetration that requires very little hookset power, often setting itself without the need for an angler's response to the bite. A smooth resin closed eyelet keeps your line from being damaged or slipping out accidentally, especially when using light leaders or mainline. An extra-wide gap with offset hook point ensures firm and solid hookups even with thicker bodied plastics. A go to hook for the elite level angler, these Extra Wide Gap Worm Hooks are built to elevate your chances of success on the water and land every bite!

  • Pro Driven Hybrid Specs For Max Hook up Percentage
  • Offset Point
  • Resin Closed Eye
  • Extra Wide Gap
  • Hook-Lok Accessory (Patent Pending)