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VMC RedLine Series Finesse Treble Hooks

Optimized for the elite bass angler, the VMC RedLine Series Finesse Treble Hooks deliver on superior performance with their extra-light, extra strength Vanadium Steel. VMC's compressed, Needle Point design along with their P.T.F.E. finish on this hook helps it glide smoothly for fast penetration that requires very little hookset power, perfect for those slash styled bites. A great treble for jerkbaits, topwaters and more, its straight points provide a wider hook gap that is hard to escape. A go to option for the elite level angler, these trebles are built to elevate your chances of success on the water and stick fish that give your lure the slightest bit of attention!

  • Pro Driven Specs For Max Hook up Percentage
  • Inline Eye
  • Straight Point = Wider Gap