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Terminator Popping Frog

Tested and proven at the highest levels of tournament bass fishing, the Terminator Popping Frog was designed to meet the demands of topwater enthusiasts, as well as, hungry bass. Constructed with a cupped face, the Terminator Popping Frog is specifically engineered to produce a bass attracting “pop” with each jerk of the rod tip.

Incredibly easy to manipulate as well, the Terminator Popping Frog is fitted with a custom weight, which is sized and positioned to impart an almost-automatic walking action. Additionally, the weight position and the razor-sharp double frog help to turn strikes into fights. Offered in a number of detailed colors, the Terminator Popping Frog is a must-have for frog fanatics.

  • 2.5"
  • 9/16oz