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Strike King J-Lee Comeback Stand Up Football Jig

Designed by 2017 Bassmaster Classic Champion, Jordon Lee, the Strike King J-Lee Comeback Stand Up Football Jig offers anglers an old-school style jig that has been finely tuned to deliver Elite Series performance. Featuring a wide football-shape head with a flat bottom to keep the jig standing up at all times in a defensive position, this allows it to create a presentation that accurately mimics a live crawfish fending off predators on the bottom. It also features an extra long cut living rubber skirt that slowly opens like a flower when at rest and provides an ultra lifelike pulsating action to trigger strikes for even the most conditioned bass.

Built around a medium wire 5/0 round bend Mustad Needlepoint Hook for increased hooking potential, it is also equipped with a barbed keeper to hold your trailer securely in place and an extra tough, chip-resistant powder coating finish as well. Available in a range of classic old school jig colors, the Strike King J-Lee Comeback Stand Up Football Jig is made for building champions.