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Strike King Hybrid Hunter Jr Shallow

Built to meet angler demand for a shallower running version of the popular Hybrid Hunter, the Strike King Hybrid Hunter Shallow Crankbaits utilize a unique hunting action that bass and other predators find irresistible. Excellent for fishing areas with abundant grass or deflecting off hard cover erratically, the innovative L-shaped bill creates eccentric action and allows it to come through vegetation better than any other hard bait on the market.

Equipped with an incredibly loud rattle system to help fish locate the Hybrid Hunter in murky or heavily stained water, the Shallow Hybrid Hunter provides boisterous acoustics to grab the attention of fish before they see the lure. Designed for extreme buoyancy to reduce snags in shallow water, the Strike King Hybrid Hunter Shallow Crankbaits floats out of grassy cover with ease allowing you to target fish in more conditions than ever before.