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Strike King Hybrid Hunter

Designed to fire fish up in the 3- to 5-foot range, the Strike King Hybrid Hunter Crankbait delivers an incredibly unique action capable of inciting vicious strikes wherever bass may lurk. To help predators locate and hone-in on the Hybrid Hunter, Strike King incorporated an incredibly loud rattle system that bass can find in murky or heavily stained water.

The Strike King Hybrid Hunter Crankbait utilizes a unique hunting action that bass and other predators find simply irresistible. It bounces and deflects off cover erratically as it hunts along your lakes bottom structure where bass lie in wait. The front of the bait features a unique bill that not only creates the eccentric action, but it also helps it come through grass better than any other hard bait allowing you to target more fish in more conditions than ever before. An ideal way to locate schools of fish, the Strike King Hybrid Hunter Crankbait is a must-have addition to any angler’s crankbait toolbox.