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Stanley Baby Ribbit - 3.25"

The original Ribbit Frog was known for its heart-stopping action on topwater bass. Stanley Jigs®' Baby Ribbit™ Frog offers the same explosive action on top water, but works great below the surface, too! The Baby Ribbit leaves a smaller footprint on the water with a smaller and tighter vibration. Where the larger Ribbit produced a plop, plop, the Baby Ribbit creates more of a buzz. When the bite is slow, sometimes less can be more. The fact is, the versatile Baby Ribbit Frog can produce big results on smaller lakes, ponds, rivers, marshes and bayous.

The Baby Ribbit is also perfectly suited for Texas, Carolina or Drop Shot rigs. It's deadly on a Shaky Head and makes a terrific jig trailer. Bass will attack the versatile Baby Ribbit, whether you're fishing topwater or below the surface. A Double Take 4.0 hook is recommended for best results, but you can also use a regular spring lock 4.0 hook and a smaller 3.0 wide gap offset worm hook. Made in USA.

  • A smaller version of Stanley Jigs' Ribbit Frog
  • Not just for topwater use
  • Provokes explosive action
  • Rig it Texas, Carolina, or the back of a jig
  • 3.25"
  • 6 pk