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Luhr Jensen Speed Trap Crankbaits - 1/4oz

Shallow running crankbaits will always be fish catchers. The Luhr Jensen Speed Trap 1/4oz Crankbaits are one of the most exciting baits you can throw when the crank bite is on. These baits also come in an incredible range of colors. Don't let the light weight fool you, the Speed Traps are full-sized crankbaits that will look like a meal to hungry bass lurking in shallow cover. 

Use these cranks when you are fishing any shallow water; right on the bank, over flats, over submerged grass, or over brush and stumps. Unlike lipless crankbaits that are also effective in these situations, these baits float when you stop them. This enables you to use them in a stop-and-go retrieve and not have them drop into grass or sticks where they'll hang up. 

As their name implies, you can crank these baits as fast as you want and they'll run straight and true every time. The Luhr Jensen Speed Trap 1/4oz Crankbaits have the colors, the noise, and the action to put fish in the boat when the shallow bite is on.

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Chart/ Blue/ Crystal
Crystal Texas Shad
Crystal Hot Texas Red
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