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Shimano Zumverno 95SP

If you need to downsize your offering when the fish are targeting smaller forage, the Shimano Zumverno 95 SP Flash Boost Jerkbait delivers unbelievable performance that will put more bass in your livewell. Built to provide a small and compact profile, it features a wide bill design that produces a lifelike swimming action on a straight retrieve and an incredible erratic side-to-side darting movement with enticing body roll to mimic a wounded or fleeing baitfish when anglers incorporate sharp twitches with the rod tip. The Zumverno 95 SP Jerkbait also utilizes Shimano’s Flash Boost and Scale Boost technologies, which emit ultra bright flashes just like the real scales of a baitfish even when the bait is paused.

Generating greater casting distances, the Zumverno 95 SP Jerkbait houses Jet Boost technology that transfers weight during the cast and allows the bait to fly through the air like a rocket, giving anglers better castability and accuracy than any other small jerkbait on the market. Outfitted with three sticky sharp trebles to increase your hook-up and landing percentages, the Shimano Zumverno 95 SP Flash Boost Jerkbait is perfect for those situations that call for smaller more compact presentations to trigger bites.

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Pro Blue
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