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Shimano World Diver 99SP

Featuring unique technologies never before seen on freshwater hard baits, the Shimano World Diver 99SP Jerkbait is a new top contender among high performance jerkbaits. Designed to get down deep and entice suspended fish, the World Diver utilizes advanced Shimano lure technologies brought over from their saltwater Orca series to get the job done. The first is Flash boost technology, where a unique spring-loaded holo-foil system within the lure constantly emits an enticing flash even on the pause. The subtle flicker and flash on the pause is just enough to trigger bites from the wariest of bass. Shimano's Jet Boost spring loaded weight transfer system allows for up to 22% further casting, giving anglers the chance to cover more water with The World Diver's deadly side-to-side darting action that stops on a dime. These features combined with brilliant color patterns complimented by detailed holographic scale patterns make the World Diver a must-have for any fan of deep diving jerkbaits.