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Shimano Macbeth Flat 57F

Featuring a classic flat-sided body design for an ultra-tight swimming action, the Shimano Macbeth Flat 57F Crankbait is the bait to reach for in unfavorable fishing conditions such as cold water or heavy fishing pressure. The flat slides, combined with a Circuit Board round bill produce a tight rolling action with a subtle body flick and a 3 to 5 feet diving depth. This tight wobble and roll is the perfect action to fool lethargic or heavily pressured fish who are wary of baits with more exaggerated actions. To defeat the typical unstable casting performance of flat-sided crankbaits, Shimano has equipped the Macbeth Flat with their Jet Boost technology that utilizes centrifugal force to stabilize the flight posture of the bait and improve casting distance and accuracy without sacrificing swimming action.