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Rapala Ott's Garage Tiny 7

Designed by Bassmaster Classic champion, Ott Defoe, the Rapala Ott’s Garage Deep Tiny 07 Crankbait unlocks a deeper section of the water column for the Tiny Series. Made from premium balsa wood, the Ott’s Garage Deep Tiny 07 Crankbait features flat sides and a longer circuit board bill, which produces a tight wobble finesse-like action that triggers bites in the toughest conditions. It’s also completely silent to provide a more natural presence in the water and fool wary bass into biting.

Outfitted with premium hardware as well, it’s armed with high-quality VMC Black Nickel 1x Strong Hybrid Treble Hooks that provide unrivaled hook setting performance. Finished with a highly detailed air-brushed paint job, the Rapala Ott’s Garage Deep Tiny 07 Crankbait is the newest member to join the highly successful line-up of Ott’ Garage crankbaits.

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