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Rapala floating fish gripper scale combo

The Rapala Tournament Touch Screen Scale features a large digital touch screen, which makes it easy to store up to 8 separate fish weights. It also comes equipped with 8 numerical culling floats to match up with the stored fish weights, allowing for quick and easy identification of your smallest cull fish.  A running cumulative total of your 8 fish weights is also continuously displayed, so you always know at a glance what your total sack weighs. The Rapala Tournament Touch Screen Scale runs up to 400 hours on two AA batteries (not included), and Backup Memory retains stored data if battery power is lost.

Additional Features:

-Large Digital Touch Screen
-Accuracy - 15lb +/- 1oz
-Stores up to 8 fish weights
-Heavy Duty Weight Clamp
-Stainless Steel Weight Hook
-3 Weight Display Options - lbs/oz, decimal lbs, or kg
-8 Storage Bins - stores up to 8 individual fish weights
-8 Numbered Cull Floats
-Total Catch Weight - Continuously displays total catch weight and stored weight in bins
-Back Light - illuminates screen
-Ambient Temperature - displays current air temperature
-Sound - Turn acknowledgement tone on or off.
-Tare Weight - weight fish in a container without including the weight of the container in the reading
-400 hour life - two AA batteries (not included)
-Storage Bag - convenient soft bag features sewn in operation instruction for quick reference