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13 Fishing Power Slide- Pencil Popper Top Water Bait 4.8"

Carefully honed for hard-cutting slashing action, the Power-Slide darts with unrivaled responsiveness. Featuring a sculpted gill plate to add disturbance to each turn, the slider walks with a lively ruckus in calm and rough conditions. Designed for fast and slow retrieve to adapt to the conditions, this lure is ideally suited for rapid deployment, searching wide areas hastily as well as picking apart tight structure. It comes equipped with 3 precision placed VMC Premium Black Nickel treble hooks to capture and retain more bites. 

  • Cupped Face for Increased Splash
  • One Knocker Rattle Chamber
  • HD Holographic Eyes
  • VMC Premium Hybrid Black Nickel Treble Hooks
  • Ultra-High Definition Paint Finishes
Translucent Shad
Flitter Shad