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Pocket Tail Minnow

The Pocket Tail Minnow is a 3.75-inch stick of dynamite, the perfect size for backwater fishing applications. The hard-thumping tail contains a small pocket that provides a different sound profile than any other lure – so pressured fish will still be susceptible to this presentation. Meanwhile, the heavily ribbed body pushes a ton of water, so it
calls a wide range of fish species from a distance, in clear water and dirty water alike. Amino Bite Scent creates a scent trail that fish key in on, and the custom amino acid blend triggers strikes by activating fishes’ predatory instincts.

  • Size: 3.75” 
  • Quantity: Five per pack
  • Amino Bite Infused
  • Bulky Ribbed Body Displaces More Water- Good For Cloudy and Muddy Water
  • Pocket Tail Thumping Tail Action