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Plano EDGE Master Crankbait Small Box

Ideal for small crankbaits and other hardbaits, the Plano EDGE Master Crankbait Small Box is packed full of Plano’s latest technologies to make lure organization easier and more effective than ever. Equipped with a unique silicone finger divider system, the Plano EDGE Master Crankbait Small Box gives anglers more freedom to store baits of various sizes by eliminating the confines of a standard divider system. The silicone fingers also hold lures firmly in place and protect the finish so that your lures stay in pristine condition. 

To further protect your lures, the Plano EDGE Master Crankbait Small Box features Rustrictor rust preventative technology molded into the base and a Dri-Loc watertight seal to keep rust from forming and prevent water from seeping in. It also features a crystal clear lid design for quick identification of contents and an oversized latch that allows for easy one-handed open operation. Topped off with a heavy duty steel hinge for increased durability, the Plano EDGE Master Crankbait Small Box delivers unmatched performance when it comes to storing your favorite hardbaits. 

14" x 9" x 2.63"

-Silicone “Fingers” protect the lures hooks and finishes
-Rustrictor rust preventative molded into the base
-Dri-Loc watertight seal
-Crystal clear lid to quickly identify contents
-Oversized latch for easy one-handed open
-Innovative labeling system
-Super durable ribbed base and lid
-Heavy-duty steel pin hinges
-Specially designed to stack multiple units