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Owner 4164 Flashy Swimmer Bass Hook, Gold w/ Centering-Pin Spring

The Owner Flashy Swimmer with TwistLOCK® is a unique hook for rigging soft swimbaits, flukes, and other swimming plastics. When rigged with swimming baits, a molded weight with spinner blade attached makes this hook deadly. The added weight helps to sink or "swim" the rigged bait down into the strike zone. The blade, on the other hand, adds a fish-enticing flash. A wire pivots where attached to the weight, but the design of the molded lead keeps the wire and blade horizontal during a steady retrieve. A #3 hammered nickel-finished willow leaf blade is attached to the wire and rigged with a dual mini swivel. A TwistLOCK centering pin spring is attached to the hook eye. Other features include an open gap for more positive hooksets, and an XX-strong forged shank and black chrome finish.