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Nichols Catalyst Spinnerbait

Featuring premium 24k-gold and nickel-plated finishes for added appeal and exceptional durability, the Nichols Catalyst Double Willow Spinnerbaits are engineered with G3 level curvature to make them the pinnacle of spinnerbait form and function. Built with two custom Nichols willow blades to deliver a wealth of flash and attraction, the Catalyst Spinnerbait is backed by a strong and razor-sharp Owner hook for seamless hooksets and long-lasting performance.

Hand-crafted one at a time to ensure the highest level of quality, each spinnerbait is made with top-shelf components including Worth ball bearing swivels to keep the blades turning at any retrieve speed. Available in a variety of pro-tie silicone skirts, the Nichols Catalyst Double Willow Spinnerbaits are finished with detailed and layered color patterns that will fool even the most discerning predators. Proudly Made in the USA!