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BaitFuel 8oz Gel Fish Attractant

Developed in a lab and proven on the water, BaitFuel Gel is designed to keep fish biting cast after cast. Engineered by a pair of scientists with more than 30 years of experience leading a Fisheries Research Biology lab, Baitfuel is a combination of natural compounds found in the prey of most predatory fish to convince the bass in your lake that they are munching on “real food.” It relies on a water-based formula that instantly dissolves in water and more easily mimics natural forage.

BaitFuel Gel is the next generation of scent technology that capitalizes on Fish Active Scent Technology (FAST) to stimulate a bass’s predatory instincts. Not only does this advanced scent encourage fish to bite, but it also helps bass to locate your bait and widens your strike zone by secreting a potent scent cloud around your lure. Craws, creatures, worms, or tubes, BaitFuel Gel is a smart way to enhance any soft plastic you send into your lake!