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Mojo Rippler 2

MOJO® and Duck Commander®, two names synonymous with successful duck hunting have combined forces to bring you one of the main ingredients leading to success: “MOTION” in your spread by the use of the easiest and most useful of decoys, a vibrating duck decoy rippler. The MOJO® Rippler 2 duck decoy will make ripples and waves throughout your spread giving motion to otherwise dead decoys. Duck hunters must have dependability and reliability and this decoy is designed to meet the rigors of this type of hunting. All moving parts plus batteries are contained in an easily removable housing of a screw lock design. The easiest and most economical motion device you can add to your spread. Operates on 4AA batteries (not included).

Mojo Rippler 2 Duck Decoy Features:

+ Duck Commander® approved

+ Realistic Mallard Drake Body

+ Vibrating duck decoy operates on 4 AA batteries (not included)

+ Specially designed motion to create ripples like live ducks

+ Mojo Rippler 2 duck decoy offers easy battery installation through removable screw-lock housing