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Missile Bait Chunky D 6pk

Augmenting their proven D series of baits, the Missile Baits Chunky D Creature Bait offers anglers an upsized version of the Mini D for a more versatile asset to tuck in their tackle bag. The Chunky D crawls out of the packaging with a thick body that is carefully tailored to more readily accept full-size jig hooks, flipping hooks, EWG hooks, and more. That dense body resists tearing and also supports a trio of vibrating appendages that protrude from both sides of the bait. Extending from the nose of the Chunky D is a pair of hard-thumping flappers that kick like a mule on every drop, hop, and drag to call in predatory fish from a long way off. Whether you are using it as a trailer on your favorite jig or as a stand-alone addition to the productive Carolina and Texas rigs, the Missile Baits Chunky D Creature Bait is sure to help keep your rod bent and your livewell stuffed!
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