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6th Sense Cloud 9 Silent MiniMag SB Crankbait

Slightly larger than standard squarebills, but a touch smaller than most magnum cranks, the 6th Sense Cloud 9 MiniMag SB Crankbait is the perfect palm-sized baitfish imitation. Built to crash through shallow wood, rocks, and grass to invoke large fish into biting, the 6th Sense Cloud 9 MiniMag SB Crankbait offers a true-running, hard-wobbling action that appeals to tournament winning bass. 

A cut above other baits in terms of quality, the 6th Sense Cloud MiniMag SB Crankbait comes equipped with top of the line hardware and razor-sharp hooks that are ready for tournament action right out of the package. Offered in a number of premium color schemes, the 6th Sense Cloud 9 MiniMag SB Crankbait provides a moderately larger profile that helps anglers target quality, without sacrificing quantity.
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