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Megabass Katsuage Hook #6 Treble Hook

he same hooks that come standard on all Megabass Jerkbaits, the Megabass Katsuage Out Barb Treble Hooks are manufactured to the highest standards and feature a sticky-sharp design specifically engineered for finicky strikes.  The Katsuage Treble Hooks are built with a light-wire that allows for instant hook penetration, and also reduces extra weight to keep your baits perfectly balanced.

The unique out-barb design also greatly increases your hook-up ratio from side swipe attacks commonly associated with jerkbait fishing, and it makes the Kasuage Hooks a great option for any bait when fish are short striking. Delivering the advanced, high quality performance you Megabass products, the Megabass Katsuage Out Barb Treble Hooks are sure to help put a few extra fish in the livewell - and maybe a few extra checks in your pocket.