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Kovert Flipping Weights

Designed to take your flipping and pitching game to the next level, the Denali Kovert Tungsten Flipping Weights provide incredible sensitivity, hydrodynamic performance, and a durable finish - all without breaking the bank. Featuring a 97% tungsten construction, anglers will enjoy greater sensitivity in addition to a more compact profile to keep fish focused on your bait rather than your hardware. The exteriors boast a hard-shell powder coat finish to ensure they maintain their color flip after flip, and season after season.

In addition to the exceptional exterior, the Denali Kovert Tungsten Flipping Weights also utilize a diamond polished finish to promise an interior that is free of any burrs and sharp edges to prevent damage to your mono, fluoro, or braid. They are available in a range of sizes to perfectly match the size tackle you are using or the density of cover you are facing. Offered in two popular finishes, reach for the Denali Kovert Tungsten Flipping Weights when you need an edge on the fish.