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Jackall Dooon Spinnerbait

Imported straight from the Japanese Domestic Market, the Jackall DoooN Spinnerbait delivers top shelf performance that all Jackall baits are known for. Ideal for covering water quickly to find actively feeding fish, the Jackall DoooN Spinnerbait features a highly detailed head design with unique side fins, which keeps the bait up in the water column and allows it to run perfectly straight at any retrieve speed. It is also built on a thick 1mm wire frame that provides the perfect balance between strength and flex to give anglers the power to handle big bass and allow the specially designed blades to produce maximum flash and vibration. 

Outfitted with premium hardware all around, the Jackall DoooN Spinnerbait is equipped with a ball bearing swivel and high quality clevis that ensures fluid blade rotation, as well as, a hand-tied custom blended silicone skirt that generates a lively pulsating action. Finished with a razor sharp hook and a large wire bait keeper that locks soft plastic trailers in place, the Jackall DoooN Spinnerbait offers JDM quality at an unbeatable price.