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Yamamoto Ichi Worm 10”

A big worm that generates big bites, the Yamamoto 10” Ichi Worm was built with key features to set it apart from the rest of the pack and give you an edge against the competition. Utilizing a heavily ribbed body similar to the Slinko, the Yamamoto 10” Ichi Worm displaces a ton of water and releases a bubble trail that entices fish to bite. The large ribbon tail also produces a strong kicking action that is deadly on a Texas-rig or Carolina-rig. The Yamamoto 10” Ichi Worm is made from Yamamoto’s Mega Floater Formula, which makes the tail stand up off the bottom, making is a great option to fish on magnum sized stand-up jigheads as well. Available in a big selection of colors, the Yamamoto 10” Ichi Worm has incredible action and appeals to the quality of bass that you tell stories about for years to come.
Tilapia Magic 414
Green Pumpkin/ Blk Flk 297
Plum Apple 356
Watermelon Blk & Red 208