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Hevy Hand Box Call

A new, unique design that offers turkey sound like no box call before it, the Quaker Boy® Hevy-Hand Box Turkey Call helps hunters demand the attention of big toms. Pairing a mahogany trough with a unique lid made out of American Cherry, this easy-to-use call utilizes Quaker Boy's Weight Shift Technology for a new sound on every call you make. The Hevy-Hand's unique handle features a significantly thicker handle end that tapers towards the anchored end of the handle. This unique shape delivers crisp, penetrating pitch early in the call that turns over in the middle to finish every call with a sweet-sounding raspy finish.

  • Unique box call design from Quaker Boy
  • Weight Shift Technology - crisp pitch early turns over to a sweet raspy finish
  • Mahogany trough
  • Tapered handle made of American Cherry - thicker handle end to thinner anchored end