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Gun-Max Gun oil Wipes - 25pk

Pre-saturated with high-performance Gun-Max Gun Oil that ensures extreme, long-lasting protection against corrosion and long-lasting lubrication. Gun-Max was chemically engineered to excel in harsh, demanding environments. A strong corrosion inhibitor and rust protectant create an impenetrable moisture barrier and protect against the environment. The advanced lubricating compound does not freeze or sludge in cold temperatures and outlasts in heat and dust. Lubrication reduces friction and minimizes malfunctions of moving parts. Gun cleaning wipes will leave a thin, non-greasy coating and will help you avoid overlubricating Individually packaged, sealed in a compact pocket, the wipes are perfect for in-field use. It’s a go-to solution for hunters, for concealed carry, for travel, or for tactical and survival applications. Maintain your firearm lubricated and rust-free and always wipe it off with Gun-Max Gun Oil Wipes before storing.