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Googan Squad Thicc Flippin' Jig

Designed to go places other jigs can’t handle, the Googan Squad Thicc Flippin’ Jig will get you into the nastiest environments and provide the strength to pull out the mondos. Whether you’re targeting shoreline laydowns, emergent vegetation, or overhanging brush, the Googan Squad Thicc Flippin’ Jig is molded with a pointed head shape and a stiff u-shaped weedguard that wraps around the hook point, which allows it to pierce through cover with ease and slither into areas where the big fish live. It is also backed by a heavy duty hook that provides rock solid hooksets and the power needed to get fish out of thick cover and into the boat with authority. 

Unlike cheaper jigs on the market, the Googan Squad Thicc Flippin’ Jig is equipped with a premium hand-tied skirt that provides a livelier action and superior durability that won’t fall apart after intense fish battles. Finished with a double pronged trailer keeper that will keep your soft plastics locked into place, the Googan Squad Thicc Flippin’ Jig is the perfect tool for putting lunker-sized bass in the livewell.