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Fat Senko 5"

There is no denying that the original 5” Senko is often imitated, but never duplicated. No other stickbait can match the quality, action, and success of the original Senko. Leaning heavily on the desired qualities and characteristics of that legendary bait, we are very excited to introduce its heftier big brother. The all-new 5” Fat Senko is the same length as our all-time best seller yet boasts a 20% larger diameter. It is made from the very same formula as the original and offers the same legendary fish-catching action that only the Senko can deliver. What this does for you, the angler, is provide a version of the 5” Senko that falls faster, casts better, shows up better on sonar, and is more visible to fish due to its size. Available in 16 of your favorite proven Senko colors, the 5” Fat Senko will quickly fall into your shortlist of favorite baits.
Black W/Lg Blue Flk
Bruised Shin
Green Pumpkin/Blk Flk
Green Pumpkin Watermelon
Watermelon/ Blk & Red