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Epic Weight Pegs 24pk

With longer sizing to have more connected surface area on your line, the Epic Baits Cylinder Weight Pegs provide true control over your sliding weights, beads and more, fastening them to your intended position. These weight pegs lock down and stay positioned on your line once engaged, perfect for techniques like flipping where the compactness of your bait can matter to get through heavy cover. While still adjustable for the angler to move up and down your line, these pegs are designed for truly to stay in one position for long periods of time or when control is an absolute must. These pegs are constructed of a rubber material, gripping your line due to its small insert hole that expands to the needed diameter of your line. They will not damage fluorocarbon, monofilament, braid, or virtually any fishing line, and are perfect for Carolina Rigs, Texas Rigs, Flipping and Pitching and whatever other rigging styles need a secure weight, bead and more!