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Dirty Jigs No-Jack Flipping Jig

Based on the jig that started it all at Dirty Jigs Tackle, the new Dirty Jigs No-Jack Flipping Jig is the most versatile heavy cover jig on the market. It features a 30-degree vertical line tie that connects you to the heavy-duty “pull your truck out of a ditch” No-Jack Gamakatsu hook so you can yank big bass from their heavy cover homes. But the No-Jack Jig isn’t just brute force, it also comes equipped with 3-tone airbrushed paint jobs, super tough epoxy clear coat, and detailed skirts that match virtually any craw or baitfish.  No need to be scared of heavy cover anymore, the Dirty Jigs Tour Level No-Jack Version 2 Flipping Jig will pull fish out of any thing you want to fish.