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Diawa CC80HS 7:5:1 Baitcasting Reel

Highlighted by a reduction in profile, as well as, cost, the Daiwa CC 80 Casting Reel provides a compact, competition-grade reel at an incredible value. Encased in an airy carbon composite frame, the Daiwa CC 80 Casting Reel features a reduced frame to spool ratio, which makes it easier to palm and lessens strain throughout a long day of fishing, especially when flipping and cranking.

Weighing in at 6.9oz, the lightweight Daiwa CC 80 Casting Reel features a magnetic cast control that allows anglers to optimize performance throughout a broad range of tactics with the click of a button. To further reduce weight and improve performance, the Daiwa CC 80 Casting Reel also features a 32mm double anodized aluminum spool. Outfitted with a 90mm swept handle, the Daiwa CC 80 Casting Reel delivers lightweight, compact performance that stands head and shoulders above other reels in its price range.


-New compact body (80 size)
-Carbon concept frame/side plate= 6.9oz
-32mm spool diameter
-90mm swept handle
-Double anodized aluminum spool