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Daiwa Zillion SV TW G

Style, innovation, research, and passion come together in the birth of the Daiwa Zillion SV TW G Casting Reel. After 40 years of experience in magnetic braking systems, Daiwa has enhanced perfection with the SV Booster System, which is the heart of the Zillion SV TW G Casting Reel and utilizes a two-stage electromagnetic induction braking system that provides an ideal balance between maximizing casting distance and precision braking performance. This system is built with neodymium magnets to create a magnetic field that provides optimal braking power at the beginning and the end of the cast to prevent backlash, accurately control distance, and improve lure trajectory for unmatched casting performance. In addition to the SV Booster System, the Daiwa Zillion SV TW G Casting Reel is also equipped with Daiwa’s patented T-Wing System (TWS) that greatly reduces line resistance thanks to its wide aperture for increasing casting distance even further. 

For the highest level of durability, ultra smooth retrieves, and powerful winding performance, the Daiwa Zillion SV TW G Casting Reel features HyperDrive Design, which is a DIGIGEAR with teeth that have been made larger than conventional gears to improve the strength in the rotation field for precise and comfortable winding. The HyperDrive Design also features a double support system on both sides of the pinion gear to prevent any loss of power or smoothness when under heavy loads. All of the advanced internal components of the Zillion SV TW G Casting Reel are supported by an ultra-durable high precision housing, Daiwa’s Ultimate Tournament Drag (UTD), and a Hyper Tough Clutch system to provide years of reliable use and smooth performance as well. Available in multiple gear ratios, the Daiwa Zillion SV TW G Casting Reel is a peak example of design, function, and innovation.

-SV Booster System
-HyperDrive Design
-Aluminum Frame and Sideplates
-T-Wing System (TWS)
-34mm G-1 Duralumin SV Spool
-Air Brake System
-Ultimate Tournament Drag (UTD)
-90mm Swept Handle
-Audible Clicking Drag