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Berkley Powerbait Skippin' Jigs

Crafted with wide, flat heads, and bulky skirts, the Berkley Skippin’ Jigs make it easier than ever for anglers to target the scale-busting bass that lurk in deep shaded pockets or under boat docks. Their generous skirts expertly complement their smooth, gently rounded head allowing anglers to more efficiently skip the jigs a long way. Their thick skirting not only aids in their skipability but also compels fish to hang on longer with their Powerbait flavor infusion.

Meticulously engineered to sail across the surface of the water by Bass Fishing Hall of Famer, Gary Klein, the Berkley Skippin’ Jigs are configured with all the right features in all the right places. Standing tall atop the wide heads are medium weedguards to help shield the stout, Needle Point Fusion19 hooks without obstructing angler’s hooksets. The front of the jigs sport recessed line ties angled at precisely 40-degrees to protect knots and orient them in the perfect pulling position. Completed with detached, talon-style keeper systems to lock trailers securely in place, the Berkley Skippin’ Jigs help ensure no bass can hide out of reach.