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Cablz Monoz Eyewear Retainer System - 14" Adjustable w/ Universal Ends

The new Cablz Monoz Eyewear Retainers now deliver adjustable versatility for a custom fit like never before. The ICAST Award winning original CABLZ were designed with a non-adjustable, coated, stainless steel cable. Now with the Cablz Monoz, the cable is replaced with non-conductive monofilament-like fiber that is fully adjustable. CABLZ Monoz are designed to be worn extended at regular length or adjusted for a closer fit to the back of the head to make your eyewear more secure.  The also feature new universal rubber ends that fit most frames on the market. Low profile and lightweight, the comfortable new Cablz Monoz are must-have for avid anglers.

Key Features:

-Stays Off Neck
-Low Profile and Lightweight
-Never Hot, Sweaty or Smelly
-Non-Conductive and Rustproof
-Available in 14" lengths
-New Universal rubber ends that fit most frames on the market