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Bill Lewis Tiny Gnat Crankbaits

Not all micro-crankbaits are created equal, and while the Bill Lewis Gnat Tiny Crankbait is small, it packs a serious bite. Measuring 1-1/2 inches and weighing 1/8oz, this micro-crankbait defies its size, excelling in finish, action, and castability while the integrated weight-transfer system propels it farther to ensure you maximize distance on every cast. Versatile and effective, the Gnat Tiny Squarebill dives up to 3 feet, enticing bites from a spectrum of freshwater predators including bass, panfish, and trout. With an array of vibrant colors mimicking natural prey, the Bill Lewis Gnat Tiny Crankbait is a lethal choice that punches above its weight, delivering results in a variety of situations.